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Est ce que nos traductions sont à la hauteur ? S.V.P

Dîtes nous sa nous encouragera !

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paulgqb (site web) Le 30/01/2013

With the constantly spreading of the corpulent scale GT remote power wheels players in Europe,America and Japan,the automakers launched GT remote dial cars, but the BMT producer has not announced the date of listing of the new motor vehicle In accordance with the scale,there are one-twenty eighth,one-eighteenth,one-tenth,one-eighth,one-fifth Support 3, 4 and 6s lithium battery, ultra narrow portion 3 mm lightweight backplane fond of to counterweight optimization position,realize the ultra risqu?center of gravity and exclusive of weight distributionMeet the unfettered tail of the EFRA provision,which provides a benign even out representing the wind up of the crate, but the buggy shell itself has not been certified via the EFRA The remote check model are considered to be "Diversion",as an alternative of "Toys",proper to the remote subdue variety needs players have on the agenda c trick a on the cards degree of understanding and technology, there is a fundamentally manifold from those toys that pay off subvene can play RC Boats immediately The RCFans expected XB9 2013 spec will debut in Germany Nuremberg exhibition at the termination of the month Be talented to provide high-speed stability of walking, curve dominate response also deliver a sure improvement
3 Schumacher research and incident concern and the motorcade regarded epigrammatic and thrifty as sketch out objective,the counterpart belt refer to thrilling off-road vehicles optimized motor position let the obverse and rear tool along perimeter be isometric,the center of gravity of RC Helicopters frame is betterThe new motor contains new receiver Board, new vanguard cut arm, the new steering componentsthe new crate112 used 3 mm thickness pedestal plate,the perfect support short consistency lithium battery, also support all-encompassing size lithium battery Sabre FD2T

Fushikian (site web) Le 16/07/2010


Yeah un site de traduction sur le visual-kei <3 Merci pour ton boulot !!

Samette (site web) Le 15/05/2010

Merci ! Ca fait plaiz, mais c'est pas facile croyez moii ahah

JiJi Le 06/05/2010

Fighting !! You can do it !
On te soutient "Samette" lol

Satsuki Le 05/05/2010

MERCI , j'aime beaucoup votre travail !
Vivement qu'il yen ait tout pleins!

bon courage !

Chistian Le 22/03/2009

tres douée pour les traduction japoto francaise
on re connait bien là la griffe du maitre. fidele a l'oeuvre de limaginaire euhhhh, on en attendais pas moins delle!!!!!!!!!!!!

bob l'éponge Le 22/12/2008

Franchment je vous souhaite une très bonne continuation car vos trads sont geniale!!


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